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Zinger 6.6 AH Standard Battery

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This is the same 6.6 AH (amp hour) Battery that comes with every Zinger Chair. Hi Quality Samsung Lithium Ion cells are enclosed in a handsome black anodized aluminum housing with plastic end closures. The terminals are concealed behind slots in the end closure to mitigate the risk of a short. The same key that came with your Zinger works for this battery as well.

Standard battery provides an impressive range of up to 8 miles. Great for airline travel - simply remove the battery from the Zinger and carry it in your luggage and notify flight attendants of the location of the battery in the aircraft.

The AH figure doesn’t actually tell you a battery's capacity. You must multiply the AH by the Voltage to get the capacity in Watt Hours. In this case: 6.6AH x 36V makes this a 240 WH battery.

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