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ZZZ Animals

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Pets so lifelike you’d think they were real!

  • These pets "breathe" while they sleep.
  • No care required - just enjoy them.

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These are cute sleeping baby animals that offer unconditional love and are maintenance-free. They appear as if they are "breathing" while they lay curled up sleeping. These loveable "pets" make wonderful companions in any home, office, dormitory, or nursing home. They are hand crafted with synthetic fur that is super soft, and each pet comes with its own collar, pet carrier and adoption certificate - to make the pet officially yours.

These charming little baby animals are so amazingly life-like you may forget they are not real. Their little midsections rise and fall as they "breathe" while they lie sleeping on your hearth, or next to your chair. What’s more, this lovable pet makes a great companion anywhere you wish to take it - any home, office, dorm or nursing home.

They offer pet ownership without the work, or the expense, that comes with owning a live pet. You don’t have to worry about remembering to feed them, walk them or take them to the veterinarian. Nor do they require cleaning-up-after, shots, or responsibility. 11 inches long.

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