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Tandars Animatronic Pets

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  • Perfect companions for kids and seniors
  • Animatronic, interactive pets -- but no mess!
  • Two Tandars will talk & interact with each other as well as you.

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Was: $39.95


It’s a perfect pet and a playmate with personality!

When you play with your very own Tandar, it plays with you in return. This clever and cool little animal loves attention and will interact with you in the most fun ways. It speaks, exhibits lifelike expressions, hitches rides on your clothes, and is happy to keep you company wherever you go -- the perfect companion for all ages.

These animatronic pets program so well you’d swear they’re actually intelligent creatures. They even respond to your touch! Their moods change, and they tell you when they’re hungry. If you have two of them, their interaction is remarkable: they will recognize and communicate with each other with a 50 word vocabulary. Fascinating! And they are rechargeable -- simply plug their tails into any available USB receptacle.

While kids love Tandars, they’re also a great pet for seniors and the elderly who need more interaction and mental stimulation in their lives.

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