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Super Spark Interactive Pet

Super Spark Interactive Pet
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Meet Super Spark! He can tell jokes,
sing songs, answer questions and
most of all, make you laugh!

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Lots of interactive toys "talk," but has there ever been one -- before Super Spark -- that responds in context to the statement or question you ask? Super Spark redefines what an interactive pet is and interacting with him is almost like having a conversation with a very clever talking canine! Super Spark has super canine powers when it comes to voice recognition technology. He responds to over 10 questions with more than 30 different answers.

You can ask various questions (for instance, "Are you a real dog?", "Where did you come from?" and "Do you have friends?") and receive different answers every time. Children love that!

Sample conversation:

Child: "Super Spark! Are you a real dog?"
Dog: "I’m better than a real dog...you don’t have to take me on walks!"

He sings songs and tells jokes (most will make you howl!) and he also asks questions of you ("Do you want to hear a song?") His head, mouth and tail move realistically. Beyond all that, he’s such a cutie pie and so gentle and lovable! You’ll love his Super Spark costume, complete with cape! Requires three "AA" batteries (included). For 3 years +, all the way to the oldest super-dog lover!

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