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Forever Companion

Forever Companion

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  • Much more than just a stuffed animal
  • Kitten-like sounds & responses
  • Brings the joy & contentment of owning & loving a pet

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Someone you know needs a friend

Research shows that the tactile experience of stroking a pet can bring deep contentment and joy—never more so than to those enduring the loneliness that can accompany aging: the very time of life when it’s difficult to assume responsibility for a pet. Now, designers and engineers have brought innovative technology to the creation of a facsimile pet that can supply many of the satisfying responses and comforts associated with having a real pet.

This adorable silver tabby helps provide that connection and attachment. Hold it to your chest and stroke its back, and those little paws will gently and rhythmically knead, knead, in lifelike fashion. A soft, contented authentic-sounding purr will vibrate against your chest and, with eyes closed, you’ll almost be convinced you’re holding an actual sweet, loving kitty. The soft, synthetic, brushable fur—so pleasant to the touch— was inspired by real feline breeds. Built-in sensors add a variety of responses to petting and stroking.

The Forever Companion can bring deep contentment to those with isolation issues, memory loss or pet allergies.

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