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Electric Paper Airplane Kit

Electric Paper Airplane Kit Electric Paper Airplane Kit

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  • Converts paper airplane into a motorized paper plane
  • Easy to control
  • Soars hundreds of feet above an open field

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Price: $19.95 Was: $24.95


Transform a paper airplane into a motorized flying machine!

Ordinary paper airplanes are now flying into the 21st century, soaring hundreds of feet into the air and controllable from the ground. You control the plane’s ascent, descent, and all maneuvers! Today we (or our kids) can power up those classic self-made paper airplanes -- and what they can do under power will astound you!

This kit is a fun, educational tool that allows users to experiment with aerodynamics, thrust, lift and, of course, gravity. With a low starting price point, this is a great starter toy for emerging flight enthusiasts.

The Conversion Kit includes a module that attaches down the center crease and powers your plane. Power module charges from empty to full in 20 seconds, for 30 seconds of free-flight time. One set of batteries provides over 50 fully charged flights. Module has a durable, crash-proof design -- it’s made of a carbon fiber composite that won’t break with normal use. It’s flexible, extremely durable and lightweight.

Kit includes power module, quick-charging pack and extra propeller. It does not include paper airplane -- you must design and fold your own -- but special paper is included, as are instructions for creating four different airplane designs. Ages 8+.

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