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Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey

Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey
Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey

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  • The fun toy of the year!
  • 30 actions, remote controlled

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This year’s Christmas sellout toy: He does 30 "tricks" & everybody loves him!

He’s cuddly cute, super soft and loaded with personality. Dave is an interactive monkey that you control -- literally. He comes with a remote control so you can operate him discreetly and really amaze your friends. This cheeky little chap is a great companion and a born entertainer, with a gesture or sound for every occasion. He dances, scratches, waves, nods, high fives, blows raspberries, sings, laughs, freaks out, burps and (the kids and your brother-in-law will love this) even breaks wind occasionally. He’s a fun friend for all ages, from kids to senior citizens.

Dave is 12" tall when fully extended and sits comfortably on a table or chair or even on a shoulder. (Kids love that, too, because it means all eyes are on them as their buddy Dave performs.) A shoulder strap is included.

Dave’s been a big seller in the UK, and firstSTREET is happy to make him available to our shoppers. Requires five "AAA" batteries (included).

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