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Jumbo Plush Animals

Jumbo Plush Animals Jumbo Plush Animals
Jumbo Plush Animals Jumbo Plush Animals
Jumbo Plush Animals

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Lions and Tigers and Bears - and more!

Jumbo Plush Animals

These large plush animals are big enough to wow any child - and a lot of adults as well. When we displayed them at a meeting of firstSTREET® staff, other staff members spied them from the hall and stopped to exclaim over their size, life-like appearance, and beauty. These animals are all authentically detailed and carefully constructed to last for years and years.

The White Tiger and the Lion are about 5 feet from nose to paw - elegant and exotic - a gentle playmate a child will love and an attention-getting accessory in children’s room, den, or elsewhere in a home. From the tip of its striped tail to the pads on its front paws, the Tiger is realistically designed, and the king-sized Lion with his stately demeanor is beyond a doubt still the king of the jungle.

The giraffe is over 5 feet tall - a real eye-catcher wherever he stands. Just imagine how cute he would look in the corner of a child’s room! And the plush Panda and Teddy Bears are over 2 feet in every dimension - large enough to serve as soft, roomy cushion seats or as cuddle buddies for the youngsters in your life. They’re made with a soft, furry coat and the endearing expression that makes bear lovers (make that stuffed-bear lovers) of us all! Safari animals are appropriate for ages 3+; bears for ages 2+.

Specify Giraffe, Lion, Tiger, Teddy or Panda Bear.

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