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Front Pocket Wallet

Front Pocket Wallet
Front Pocket Wallet Front Pocket Wallet

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  • Can reduce sitting discomfort
  • Helps condense bulky wallets
  • Deters potential pickpockets

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This wallet is not your traditional wallet--it’s specifically designed to be kept in the front pocket of slacks, trousers, blue jeans, etc. This flat, flexible wallet is like traditional wallets in that it has slots for credit cards, a window for a driver’s license and a place for bills. But because this wallet is kept in the front pocket, it may help ward off back problems that come from sitting on thick wallets.

While visiting his chiropractor because of severe lower back pain, Michael Lyons was told, "Lose your wallet." After a week of sitting without a wallet in his back pocket, his lower back pain disappeared. But then a new problem arose--he still needed a way to carry his license, currency and business cards around. After much research he developed an ultra-thin, curved design that matched the contour of the front pocket of a pair of pants: the Front Pocket Wallet.

This black leather wallet is compact, but it holds all your necessary cards and bills. The design opens up at the top (the portion with the curved edge) like a standard billfold and allows the user to place money and receipts as needed in a lined pocket. There are three slots for credit cards, and underneath those slots is another hidden pocket.

Carrying your wallet in your front pocket deters pickpockets, too, not only because the wallet isn't where a pickpocket expects it to be, but also because the wallet is so thin it’s nearly invisible.

Order yours today and start enjoying the benefits of keeping your wallet in your front pocket.

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