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Portable Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter Portable Jump Starter

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This emergency jump starter for your vehicle charges your battery right through your cars cigarette lighter socket. It is reusable and comes fully charged and ready to go. It’s very small and fits in your glove box or console. It also has a built-in smart chip that lets you know if your battery will accept a charge or not.

With the Portable Jump Starter you can jump-start your battery without getting out of the car. This small unit is able to deliver power to your vehicle’s battery through the cigarette lighter. To use the charger, simply plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter port. There is a smart chip that lets you know instantly - a green light will illuminate on the adapter - whether your battery will accept a charge. The jump starter is able to charge a car in about 10 minutes (see instructions for more details).

The best aspect of this jump starter is that it allows you to remain in your vehicle during the emergency situation. You do not have to get out to open the hood or trunk, search for jumper cables and most importantly you do not have to ask a stranger for help.

In addition, unlike some other so called battery boosters that you throw away after one charge, this is reusable so it pays for itself over and over again. It recharges itself in about 30 minutes as you drive so it never leaves your vehicle. It is small enough that it can be stored in your glove box or console.

Order yours today and experience safety, security and convenience during an emergency situation with your vehicle.

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