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Personal Sanitizer Kit

Personal Sanitizer Kit Personal Sanitizer Kit

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  • Helps eliminate germs & bacteria
  • Use on hands or surfaces that may house germs
  • Alcohol-based formula approved by FDA

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Your complete sanitizing solution

These days, and probably for many to come, we all have to be more conscious about germs and our health and safety. In response, firstSTREET has put together an exclusive and comprehensive sanitizing kit to handle most of your daily disinfecting needs—and at a very good value!

Our Personal Sanitizing Safety Kit starts with a one-gallon jug of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in a formulation approved by the FDA. Made in the USA, this liquid antiseptic (80% ethanol) quickly tackles bacteria and germs. Use it on your hands, cellphone, counter tops, doorknobs, light switches, oven and fridge doors, remotes, toilet seats, and much more.

This sanitizer is in liquid form, thus making it more universal in its use than gel formulations. Dispense it onto your hands for full coverage or spray it directly onto potentially contaminated surfaces at home, when out, or when traveling. You can also use it to moisten paper towels to create household wipes (which are currently very difficult to find and often expensive).

Two smaller spray bottles (4oz and 8oz) are included for everyday household use—or to keep in your purse or car as a convenient disinfectant not only for hands but also for your phone, keys, steering wheel and door handles, among other surfaces that may become cross-contaminated through contact. (You wouldn’t want to use gel sanitizer on most of these surfaces.)

The kit also contains a dispenser pump for easily refilling spray bottles from the gallon container. (When you need more sanitizer, you can order the one-gallon solution separately.) A bonus: five individually wrapped sanitizer wipes, for wiping down carts at the grocery, your scooter or car, a menu, restroom fixtures, etc. This kit truly provides exceptional protection, and it’s conveniently affordable.

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