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Nightdriver Fit Over Glasses

NightLite Fit On

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  • Improve your visual acuity for night driving
  • Yellow non-polarized, optical-grade lenses
  • Anti-reflective coating

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Start driving at night again, more safely and more comfortably

We’ve all had it happen—we’ve been briefly blinded by the glare of headlights, street lamps and LED-lit signage while driving at night. No doubt about it—night driving can be challenging and dangerous, and those few seconds when we can no longer see the road can be disastrous.

These non-polarized, anti-reflective lenses help filter out blinding glare and reduce halos from headlights, street lamps and LED-lit signage. Clarity is enhanced, images are clearer and edges are distinctly defined. The glasses contrast and soften harsh bright lights and relieve eyestrain in lowlight conditions.

How do they work? A micro-infused yellow lens filter brightens darker areas and softens harsh, glaring light. Non-polarized lenses filter out light, to reduce the intensity of oncoming headlights. And an anti-reflective lens coating eliminates the glare of light reflecting from your lenses.

In addition to enhancing your all-important visual acuity at night, these glasses will last a long time, provide extra visual comfort and are beautifully styled.

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