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JumpStarter II

JumpStarter II

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  • Portable power with the juice to restart your battery
  • No cables and no second vehicle required
  • Just plug into car’s cigarette lighter and it goes to work
  • Small enough to store in glove compartment

Price: $34.95


Always be prepared: Jumpstart your battery right from the driver’s seat!

Now you can jumpstart your car battery anywhere, anytime, with this portable battery charger. It gets you on the road again without having to interrupt strangers for help or wait for someone to come help you.

Just plug it into your car’s 12-volt adapter (cigarette lighter), and it goes right to work to recharge your battery in about 15 minutes -- no cables or second vehicle needed. It’s so easy to use -- the instructions are right on the unit. JumpStarter II is small enough to fit into most glove boxes for storage.

This is a helpful product for seniors and the elderly because it’s designed to eliminate under-the-hood stress and strain as well as the need to involve others in the emergency recharging process. JumpStarter II is reusable -- it can be recharged again and again.

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