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Driver Alert Glasses

Driver Alert Glasses Driver Alert Glasses

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  • Night-vision glasses with no-dozing alarm
  • When your head nods, the alarm sounds
  • Shrill chirping sounds will bring driver awake in a hurry
  • While supplies last - no backorders

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Asleep at the wheel? Not when there’s an instant alarm to wake you up!

You just know lives might be saved when you hear about these amazing glasses that help keep nighttime drivers from nodding off! They’re yellow-tinted night-vision glasses that immediately sound a loud chirping alarm the second the driver’s head tilts forward. Ingenious!

And if that’s not enough, they help you see more clearly by enhancing contrast and brightening everything in your field of vision. They reduce glare from headlights and sharpen details in low light. Great for drivers of all ages.

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