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Auto Trash Bag

Auto Trash Bag

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  • Waterproof - no leaks from that drippy coffee cup
  • Strong - go ahead and pitch in the drink bottle
  • Washable - easy cleanup

Price: $9.98 Was: $14.95


Keep your car perpetually clean with this durable, leakproof trash bag

The five best things about this car trash bag? Glad you asked.

  1. It’s waterproof. Toss that cup with the last drops of coffee right in. Dump in the BBQ remains, too—sauce and all.
  2. It’s strong: Pitch in that soda bottle. Cram in all the burger bags. Chicken bones welcome, too. Much better than that paper bag you’ve been using!
  3. It’s spill proof. It’s a universal fit, with adjustable straps to keep it secure. It can’t fall off. (But a quick-release buckle makes it easy to remove for dumping and cleaning.)
  4. It’s always available. It simply hangs over the seat back—easy to find, easy to access—and no installation. Just hang it up.
  5. It’s washable. Rinse it out, wipe it out, and hang it back over the seat.

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