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Animal Alert

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  • High-frequency sound scares away wildlife from highway
  • Self-adheres to bumper
  • No batteries or wires

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There are 1.5 million auto collisions with deer every year. Don't be among them!

There are 1.5 million auto collisions with deer every year, many of them involving seniors and the elderly, whose reaction time may become somewhat compromised with aging.

It's simple but effective. This warning device attaches to the front of your car and, as wind whips through, it emits high-frequency sound at speeds over 30 mph to scare away wildlife from the driving lanes. You can't hear the high-pitched siren whistle, but animals can.

Alert comes in a set of two, one for each side of your car front. No batteries and no wires needed. There's no under-the-hood installation and no need to turn it on and off. It's totally simple: the devices self-adhere to front bumper. The burst of sound helps scare off deer and other animals.

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