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LED Pulse Oximeter

LED Pulse Oximeter

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  • Monitors pulse rate & oxygen levels—FDA cleared
  • An early indicator of possible respiratory concerns
  • A useful product for the whole family, especially the elderly

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Puts your oxygen and pulse rate right at your fingertips

An oximeter is a quick, easy and painless way to quickly tell if you’re getting enough oxygen throughout your body. It measures and provides critical information as an early indicator of possible respiratory difficulty. Slip it on your finger and it monitors your pulse rate and measures the oxygen level of your blood, providing an almost immediate reading that can indicate respiratory concerns.

An LED screen shows your numbers, and an alert function lets you know when your oxygen saturation level is too low. It’s a helpful product for the whole family, especially the elderly. Automatic power off and low battery reminder. meet International Certificate Requirements, including FDA, CE and ISO. Requires two “AAA” batteries (included).

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