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Cooling Gel-Top Pillow

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Contoured Memory Foam, plus a Cool Gel surface: The perfect combination to improve sleep!

The cooling gel surface layer of this pillow is designed to help maintain a lower body temperature and decrease nighttime perspiration. The pillow offers ergonomic support, cradling the head and neck for better spinal alignment. Get the support and comfort of memory foam plus the cooling, conforming properties of a gel surface... and settle back for a great night’s sleep. You’ll sleep better when you sleep cooler.

This is a unique sleep product that Boomers and Beyond® will particularly appreciate as insomnia is often seen to be a greater problem when associated with aging. Our pillow addresses that problem on several levels, from providing the high-thermal conductivity needed for cooler sleep, to offering excellent ergonomic support and pressure relief. It’s even designed to correct sleeping posture, thereby helping to reduce tension, muscle fatigue, and snoring.

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