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Lift Chairs Buyer's Guide

Most lift chairs and sleeper chairs are simply recliner chairs that have a lift mechanism built in that lifts the chair by tilting it forward. This allows seniors, the elderly and others with mobility challenges to get in and out of the chair more safely and easily.

Perfect Sleep Chair Qualities

Having been in the business of helping senior citizens for a long time, we at firstSTREET have learned that many seniors spend a significant amount of time in their recliner chair each day relaxing and enjoying favorite activities. In fact, many folks even use their favorite chair to sleep in because they find it more comfortable than a traditional, flat bed.

If you’re looking for the perfect lift chair for your home, one that is not only comfortable but made from long-lasting, durable materials, then you’re in the right place. We have assembled a collection of the best lift chairs to suit the needs of just about anyone. From the Perfect Sleep Chair® to the Gentle Massaging Lift Chair - we’ve got a chair for you.


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Lift Chair Features Comparison

  The Perfect Sleep Chair Leather
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The Perfect Sleep Chair Microfiber
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  Perfect Sleep Chair
Duralux Leather
Perfect Sleep Chair
Duralux Microfiber
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Lifts and Reclines Yes Yes
Weight Capacity 375 lbs. 375 lbs.
Back Style Biscuit Biscuit
Padding Overstuffed Overstuffed
Armrest Style Overstuffed Overstuffed
Max Recline Angle
180 Degrees
Lay Prone/Sleep
180 Degrees
Lay Prone/Sleep
Zero Gravity Position Yes Yes
Trendelenburg Position Yes Yes
Heat Yes Yes
# Heat Settings 2 2
Massage 12 Setting Massage 12 Setting Massage
# Massage Zones & Body Areas Entire Back Entire Back
Massage Timer No No
Side Storage Pockets Yes Yes
Battery Backup Yes Yes
Made in USA (parts made in US and overseas) Yes Yes
Min. Distance from Wall for Max. Recline 26" 26"
Seat Width 20" W x 21.5" D 20" W x 21.5" D
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Fabric Choices
DuraLux Leather
DuraLux Microfiber
Color Choices & Order Type
(QS=quick ship, SPO=special order)
DuraLux Leather
Burgundy - QS
Chocolate - QS
Tan - QS
Black - SPO
Blue - SPO
DuraLux Microfiber
Cashmere - QS
Chocolate - QS
Burgundy - QS
Fern - SPO
Indigo - SPO
Separate Headrest Cover Included Yes Yes
3 Year - Electrical Parts
Lifetime - Chair Frame & Lift Frame
3 Year - Electrical Parts
Lifetime - Chair Frame & Lift Frame
White Glove Delivery Yes Yes
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Top Quality Lift Chair Construction

With all the hours you’ll likely spend in your lift chair over many years, it makes sense to focus on quality and value rather than just buying a cheap lift chair.

Insist on quality materials and construction -- inside and out. Our Perfect Sleep chair is hand crafted in the USA. Take a look at the quality that goes into our best selling chair...

Perfect Sleep Chair Quality Construction
The Perfect Sleep Chair
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To top it all off, all of our chairs come with White-Glove delivery service, which means that your chair will be brought into your home and set up right where you want it. They’ll even haul away the packaging materials.

Lift Chair FAQ’s

Is a medical recliner the same thing as a lift chair?

There are several different names for lift chairs, including medical recliner, pop-up chair, power lift recliner, stand-up chair, and lifting chair. They’ve come a long way since the old Lazy-Boy recliner chair with the handle on the side! All refer to the same basic product idea of a powered recliner style chair that helps you stand up and sit down safely and comfortably.

What is the Zero Gravity chair position?

The Zero Gravity position is given its name because it emulates the position that an astronaut sits in while lifting off. The position provides excellent support and spreads the user’s weight out over the entire chair as opposed to specific pressure points. The Zero Gravity position aids in stress and tension relief and promotes improved leg circulation.

What is the Trendelenburg chair position?

The Trendelenburg position is a special position where the user lays flat but their feet are slightly (approximately 20 degrees +/-) higher than their head. This position was originated by German surgeon Friederich Trendelenburg. This position is a potential aid in conditions like edema and joint tension and promotes overall circulation and blood flow.

Where is the Perfect Sleep Chair sold besides this website?

We offer helpful, USA-based phone representatives at 888-612-7595 every day except Christmas from 7:00am – midnight Eastern time. They can answer all your questions and accept your order if you prefer phone to internet. The Perfect Sleep Chair is not sold in any physical retail stores.

Do you have rental Perfect Sleep Chairs available?

Unfortunately, we do not have a rental program for our products. As our lay-flat chairs are a traditional bed alternative, there are hygiene considerations that make a rental program impractical to administer.

What is White Glove Delivery and why do I need it for a lift chair?

White Glove Delivery is our required special delivery service. With White Glove Delivery, you’ll only need to clear the intended location for your new lift chair as well as a path to the location. The rest is taken care of for you! We’ll deliver your new chair to spot that you’ve chosen, hook it up and verify that it is fully functional. We’ll remove the chair packaging for you too.

Call us today at 877-705-3670 or order online - either way, you’re on your way to getting the best chair you’ll ever own.


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