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Plug-in Home Bug Zapper

Plug in Home Bug Zapper

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  • Quick & easy mosquito solution
  • Just plug it in
  • No chemicals, no fumes, no sprays

Price: $12.95


This indoor plug-in zapper helps to protect your family from mosquitoes that can carry serious viruses.

Mosquitoes are not just an annoyance - these days they’re downright dangerous, and once they get inside your home, they’re often hard to find and kill. This indoor bug zapper is the answer.

Just plug it into any wall outlet in any room, especially a room with an outside door where mosquitoes and other flying insects enter your home (like a kitchen door where people constantly go in and out). The energy-efficient blue LEDs attract flying pests to the concealed zapper, and—ZAP—they’re gone. Mosquitoes are killed on contact, including the species that carry the Zika and West Nile viruses!

Zapper is completely safe—no chemicals, no sprays, no fumes. And with its attractive low-glow light, it can function as a nightlight as well.

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