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Garden Groom Self Bagging Electric Hedge Trimmer

Garden Groom Midi Garden Groom Midi

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This distinctive hedger is ultra-lightweight and features an onboard collecting container. It is a safe collecting hedge trimmer that saves time, as it eliminates clean up. There is a 300W motor and a completely concealed rotary cutting blade. In addition, for very large jobs there is an included volume bag to collect the shredded material.

The Garden Groom’s unique system makes the laborious chore of trimming the hedges far simpler. You will never again have to drag out a heavy, dangerous electrical tool that leaves a mess in your yard. While you’re cutting, none of the clippings are left on the ground; therefore it saves you time and effort. This Midi-sized Garden Groom makes the job easier on your back as well. You don’t have to bend to pick up the debris and at 6 lbs. the Garden Groom is lighter than other hedgers.

The trimmer features a rotary cutting blade, which cuts and shreds the clippings using a scissor-like action, however, because the trimmer has a concealed blade it helps reduce the possibility of cutting the main power cable. It also lessens the risk of personal injury while in use. Once the hedge clippings have been cut and shredded, they are deposited into the onboard container which can hold 5 liters of clippings. If you have a large amount of hedges to trim and shape, you can attach the hose (included) to the groomer, and store waste in the volume collection bag (included). The Garden Groom is capable of cutting all types of hedges including; Privet, Leyland, Yew, Ash, Holly, Beech, Hawthorn and most branches with up to a 3/8" thickness. Once done, the shredded clippings are ideal to use as mulch or composting.

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