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Automatic Watering System

Automatic Watering System Automatic Watering System

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  • Automatic watering every 3 hours
  • Uses rainwater and sun power

Price: $69.95


Solar-powered kit waters your plants automatically every three hours!

This self-contained, eco-friendly watering kit uses only rainwater and the power of the sun to ensure that your flowers and plants are watered automatically every three hours. Set it up for large or small plants -- it will always supply more water on sunnier days, when plants need it most.

Suitable for beds, baskets, vegetables, pots, grow bags, specimen plants, greenhouse and tree establishment. Kit includes all hoses, drippers and fittings to water six large hanging baskets or twelve 12" pots. Just place unit near a rain barrel or any non-pressured water supply, insert feeder tube, and arrange drip tubes; then switch it on. That’s it. Control knob allows you to adjust drip amount.

This is a handy and helpful product for older adults living alone and those aging in the home. Seniors can maintain healthy and beautiful flowers and plants without the bending, kneeling and reaching often associated with watering. It is also useful for those who travel and don’t want to leave their plants at the mercy of the summer sun.

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