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LifeGlider LifeGlider

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  • Walk upright & reclaim your center of gravity
  • Hands-free mobility
  • Almost impossible to fall

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Walk upright & regain your independence!
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At firstSTREET, we use the word “revolutionary” carefully—but LifeGlider is exactly that. Revolutionary. Mind-boggling. Life changing. LifeGlider is walking assistance that does amazing things to prevent you from falling. It’s a totally new concept, and you may have to rethink everything you know about walkers and rollators. Unlike the familiar tennis-ball walker or the rollator with seat, LifeGlider has no barrier up front to inhibit your movement. It lets you walk right up to the sink or restaurant table. You’re out in front of it. Visualize it: It’s the way you used to walk before you began worrying so much about falling. Now you will worry a whole lot less because it’s almost impossible to fall (in any direction) with LifeGlider.

It all comes down to physics and an understanding of the center of gravity. LifeGlider lets you reclaim your center of gravity, adding stability and balance to the process of walking. There’s no way to have that when you’re slouching over a walker or rollator. Where’s your center of gravity then? No wonder you’ve been unsteady and fearful. And don’t worry about your supplemental support either. It’s still there, only now it’s behind you and at your waist. The safety belt is key in walking upright and keeping your core and center of gravity central. It’s an airline-quality seat belt that supports and contains up to 275 lbs.

Hands-free walking: That’s revolutionary, too

With LifeGlider, you’re not only walking fully upright and standing tall—you’re walking hands-free! You won’t be grasping the handles of a rollator to propel yourself forward. You won’t be resting your weight on hands and wrists when bending over a walker. Now you can use your hands to carry a book, open a purse, wave at a friend, do normal tasks and even dance with your partner!

Because you’re standing erect as you walk, the LifeGlider does not have a seat as such. Instead, it has a small circular padded cushion at the base of your back, to provide support and reduce the weight on your legs. LifeGlider is lightweight, yet very strong and durable, thanks to its chrome alloy structure. It comes in two sizes: “Standard” is for users 5' to 5' 10", and “Tall” is for 5' 10" to 6' 6", and up to 275 lbs. Unit folds for easy storage.

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