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Hipster Hipster
Hipster Hipster

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  • Spring mechanism for extensive walking support
  • Vibration absorption
  • Three height levels

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A “Better way to Walk”...thanks to a very “hip” design

One problem with joints is that they age along with the rest of us, so by the time we get to be boomers (and beyond), many of us are experiencing pain or swelling in crucial, overused joints such as hips and knees—and having trouble walking. The aching and tenderness can make it hard to get up after sitting for awhile, make getting about difficult and leave us more susceptible to a fall and even a fracture.

Designed and patented by an orthopedic surgeon, medical professionals and a team of engineers to replicate hip joint support for the user, the Hipster actually provides a strong and steadying support. When the Hipster is placed alongside the user’s affected joint and lifted from the ground, an automatic spring system in the handle gently propels the cane a bit forward as the user’s leg advances, much as normal hip action would.

The Hipster is a breakthrough innovation that easily adjusts to three height levels, allowing the user to walk fully upright, encouraging and supporting proper posture and better support for the back. Proper posture can help reduce spinal injuries and back pain. (Walking with a regular cane often encourages a bent posture.) Shock absorbers in the grip absorb the vibration from the cane’s impact with the ground. The Hipster can also reduce other “secondary injuries” such as backache and imbalance caused by using devices such as crutches that actually can add to discomfort and pain.

It comes with a choice of two rubber tips, one somewhat lighter than the other, both providing excellent balance and stability at any angle. Tips are made of anti-slip, extra-strong rubber. They flex heel to toe, to simulate a proper walking motion, again reducing impact and vibration. Colors: black/grey or black/orange.

A “Better way to Walk” is just a phone call away. Hipster will amaze you! Call today and we’ll tell you more.

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