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Handy Cane

Handy Cane Handy Cane

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  • All-in-one walking cane & reaching grabber
  • Designed to aid independence, convenience & mobility
  • Unique reach-and-grasp grabbing action

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A normal cane can’t do what Handy Cane can. (And neither can a normal “grabber.”)

This ingenious item is a two-in-one aid to independent living and convenience—both a high-quality cane and a super grabber. While a normal grabber closes up on an object much the way a crab does, the innovatively designed grabbing action of the Handy Cane replicates the motion of the human hand, reaching, grasping and scooping at once.

That motion allows the Handy Cane to retrieve the smallest of objects: a bead, straight pin, pill or coin—the tiniest of objects that elude a normal grabber. It’s also strong enough to remove an average-sized can from kitchen or grocery shelf. No more stretching to reach, going off balance to retrieve dropped items or getting conked on the head when removing items from shelves or cabinets. The easy-to-use cocking mechanism for the grabber is centrally located midway along the cane where it’s easily accessible.

But retrieving dropped or hard-to-reach items is not all because you also get that sleek and stylish, sturdy and reliable, walking cane as well, to assist with stability and safety. The rubber tips offer slip-resistant stability for walking. Cane is available in three heights for a perfect fit—it’s especially helpful for those with limited mobility due to age, disability or injury recovery.

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