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Get Up Stand Up

Get Up Stand Up Get Up Stand Up
Get Up Stand Up Get Up Stand Up

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  • An assist in getting you up from the floor following a non-injurious fall
  • Get up from the floor by yourself or with minimal caregiver assistance
  • Minimizes the risk of injury to you and your caregiver

Price: $399.00


Getting up off the floor after a fall may require more strength than you (or your spouse) possess. Now you can "do it yourself", with this convenient assist.

Whether you’ve fallen, lost your balance, squatted to pick up something or have simply been playing on the floor with your grandkids, there comes that moment when you realize you can’t get up by yourself. Do you call emergency workers just to get up off the floor from a non-injurious fall? Do you endanger a loved one’s back by asking for help getting up? Do you accept the humiliation and call your good neighbor one more time?

Not any longer! Henceforth, just reach for your Get Up Stand Up-the riser mobility aid that allows you to slide onto a low level riser, ease up to the next level, and by the time you ease up to the third, you’ve gotten on your feet by yourself, or with minimal caregiver assistance. What a clever idea! Designed by a doctor of physical therapy, this device was developed to help his aging patients get up when they’ve fallen and without additional assistance. Ideally suited for in-home use: It’s lightweight and portable, compact for storage, easily deployed when needed and an affordable alternative to expensive patient lift systems. It protects personal dignity, reduces manual lifting and can even improve mobility skills.

Just keep it centrally located in the room you use the most or in any area where you worry about falling—or pull it over near you before you sit down on the floor to work or play. (Other uses—and you’ll think of many more: (1) Place top riser against your favorite chair and slide onto it to get up with ease. (2) Aging dogs who can no longer jump up into chair or bed love these risers!)

This is an extremely useful product for seniors, those with back or mobility problems, caregivers and anyone who has trouble getting up off the floor. What a relief not to have to worry about how you’re going to get back up!

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