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Easy Climber® Stair Lift

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Why struggle up and down stairs when Easy Climber® can give you a lift?

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Are you in love with your home but afraid of your stairs?

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Easy Climber® is the easy, convenient and affordable way to get up and down your stairs without the danger and health risks.

Remember the days when you woke up, jumped out of bed, threw on your clothes and ran down the stairs to greet the day? Yeah...me neither...that was years ago. Now, everyone from my doctor to my kids are telling me I need to avoid using my stairs. The problem is, I’ve lived in this house for years, and if I don’t use the stairs I either have to sleep in my family room or live in my bedroom. Why should I risk my safety just to get around? Then, a friend told me about an innovative solution, the Easy Climber®. It’s basically a chair lift for your stairs...and it’s given me back my home.

At the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris, the company that makes the Easy Climber was inspired by the lift used in the Eiffel Tower and later created a lift of their own. In 1961 they introduced the first seated stair lift, and now they’ve taken their knowledge and expertise and created the safest stair climber on the market today. Easy Climber has exclusive safety features and design innovations as standard equipment.

Why this is the safest and most reliable product on the market

Safety: Easy Climber features a swivel seat, foot and armrest that are powered to enable you to get in and out of the chair safely and easily. Sensors automatically stop it immediately if it hits an object. There’s even a EZ Clip buckle on the seat belt and no slip handles for added peace of mind.

Quality and Simplicity: This company has been making these products for a long time - they do it right. This exclusive model features innovative design and quality components. It’s simple and reliable, with the least need for maintenance and repair.

Warranty: This system is backed by the Easy Climber exclusive limited lifetime warranty - the best in the business

Flexibility: Easy Climber is designed for easy installation on either side of the staircase. The seat-mounted controller can be placed on either side and the call/send controls can be mounted wherever you want them. When you’re not using it, simply park Easy Climber at the top of the stairs and out of sight.

This exclusive product was designed with one overwhelming goal: safety first. From a seat that won’t let you get out the wrong way to a battery backup for power outages, this stair climber has the features you want and the safety you need. Why risk your life on the stairs when an easy and affordable solution is only a phone call away. Call now and a knowledgeable product expert will answer any questions you may have.


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