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Comfort Cane

Comfort Cane Comfort Cane
Comfort Cane

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  • Telescopic body is always the perfect height
  • User can maintain correct posture when walking
  • Unique padded grip

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Unsurpassed Comfort and Performance

You’ll feel the difference the minute you put your hand on it, the minute you put your weight upon it. You’ll see immediately how easy it is to adjust the height to your needs. The telescopic body quickly and securely adjusts, then locks, to ANY height from 28" to 42" at the push of a button. Lower or raise to exactly the height you want—no pre-measured notched levels to limit your options and no force required.

The unique Pendulum feature maintains the cane’s balance, so the user can keep correct posture and enjoy added stability when walking. Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, Comfort Cane features game-changing technology that keeps the cane a bit ahead of the user, adding to support and balance and helping to ensure a more natural and comfortable gait. It basically revolutionizes mobility support!

It’s the most advanced, most comfortable cane we’ve found!

Note the padded ergonomic grip with non-slip shock absorbers! This unique grip is designed to relieve pressure on the hand and wrist, to alleviate the hand discomfort and even pain that can come with using a traditional cane with regularity. There’s a handy strap for securing the cane when you need to be hands-free to hold something else while keeping your cane with you.

The Comfort Cane comes with an high performance tip provides more grip and stability on some of the more difficult surfaces, as well as mimics the two joints of the foot and ankle, helping to prevent slips and provide balance at any angle. Comfort Cane is made of premium-grade aluminum. Supports up to 300 lbs. 

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