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Talking Reader 10

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  • All the benefits of a desktop video magnifier (including voice)
  • Now smaller and foldable, with a more portable design
  • Large 10-inch touchscreen

Price: $2,195.00


The best portable Talking Reader—now with a larger screen

Talking Readers offer almost-magical assistance for those with vision issues, but if you don’t have one handy when the need arises, crucial information can be lost. This portable reader offers all the benefits of a desktop video magnifier with speech, but in a smaller, foldable and portable design. It’s as handy in the grocery as in the home.

Just lift the arm and put whatever needs reading beneath it. A very small built-in camera takes a picture, projects the text (magnified up to 25 times in high-contrast colors) onto the large 10-inch touchscreen and reads it aloud to you. When you need to know right then what’s on a price tag, what prescription is on a pill bottle, what ingredients are in that cereal on the high shelf, this reader will tell you aloud and magnify the words to help you read them yourself. It’s compact (10" x 10"), thin (14mm), and lightweight (9.5 oz)—Independence on the go!

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