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SmartView 360 Desktop Magnifier

SmartView 360 Desktop Magnifier

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Serious magnification... when serious magnification is called for!

Here is a profound solution for those who want to reclaim their everyday activities and maintain independence despite serious low-vision conditions. This Desktop Magnifier offers tremendous magnification (2.6x to 57x) and a PC-sized flatscreen monitor on which to view your materials. It also answers the familiar problem of orientation, or "Where am I on the page?" The Desktop Magnifier is designed to help you follow text from one line to the next, without losing your place. The movements are smooth and quiet, and an easy to use "brake" lets you lock in place as needed.

To accommodate your specific vision challenges, you’ll appreciate the 16 user-selectable enhanced contrast modes and the precise zoom that adjusts magnification to the level that best matches your needs. The controls are simple, intuitive, and easy to use - and conveniently located right under the display. With one press of a button, you can quickly change from showing the image in full color to viewing text in an enhanced contrast mode.

Whether reading a good book, perusing a magazine or the daily paper, working your crossword, looking at photos, checking a medicine bottle, consulting cookbook or phonebook, paying bills, or relaxing with your favorite hobby, you will find the Desktop Magnifier useful every day in a variety of ways.

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