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Macular Video Magnifier

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  • 3 viewing modes: color, b/w, w/b
  • 3X to 100X magnification

Price: $1,299.00
Was: $1,499.00

We’re sorry, this item is no longer available. Click here to check out our other Magnifiers & Magnifying Glasses.

An invaluable aid for those with impaired vision: Now easily read the paper or a book, view photos and write checks, letters, notes and more!

This Portable Desktop Video Magnifier magnifies images onto TV screen. With 3X to 100X depending on TV screen size, magnification onto such large surfaces, you should be able to see your reading material more easily in that bigger viewing area. You’ll also be able to move more easily across a page without losing your place -- a great help to those with macular degeneration or other vision impairments.

Magnifier has three contrast modes: black on white, white on black and full color -- whichever display suits your vision needs is here. You can adjust the focus, the contrast and add additional light as needed, too. So much about this magnifier is designed for aging eyes! Use the Video Magnifier on any TV in your house -- you can scale size and magnification to large screens.

Magnifier weighs only 6 lbs. It’s completely portable and folds up to fit into its own carry case for travel. Easy to hook up -- just plug it into the AV port on your TV. Comes with carry case and pad to hold your materials securely in place.

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