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Magnifiers & Magnifying Glasses

Full-Page Tabletop Magnifier

Full-Page Tabletop Magnifier

  • Cordless, lighted tabletop magnifier
  • 3X magnification
  • Covers a full 8" x 11" page
  • Always handy to use
  • Lightweight & portable—move it where it’s needed
  • Height adjustable from 5.1" to 6.7"
  • Battery operated
  • 12 bright natural-daylight LEDs
  • Brushed nickel U-shaped base weighted for steadiness
  • Convenient rocker on/off switch
Only $69.95
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Full-Page Tabletop Magnifier
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See Bigger & Brighter with Magnifiers & Magnifying Glasses

firstSTREET brings you spectacular magnifiers and magnifying glasses to help you see bigger and brighter around your home and even on the go. From an LED Lighted Magnifier for your desktop, to a full-page lighted magnifier for reading, we’ve got the perfect magnification solution for you or a loved one.

Magnifiers are great for a variety of uses, and can greatly enhance the quality of your life by helping you see much better. Reading magnifiers, for example, can enhance the size of small text. Reading can become difficult for many as they age, and we strive to make reading easier for everyone.

One of our most outstanding low vision aids is the lighted full page magnifier, a unique magnifying glass with light that's sure to help you or your loved one see bigger and brighter! It's built specifically to be portable, flexible and bright.

Our unique magnifiers provide amazing relief for those who suffer from vision loss due to glaucoma, macular degeneration, or other common eye problems. For millions of Americans suffering from poor vision, the simple pleasure of reading a book, magazine or newspaper has become a thing of the past. Until now, the technology needed to overcome this obstacle has been expensive, bulky and difficult to use. Why spend thousands of dollars on big, complicated equipment when you can see bigger and brighter with magnifiers, magnifying glasses and other magnification solutions from firstSTREET.

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