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Rolling End Table

Rolling End Table Rolling End Table
Rolling End Table Rolling End Table
Rolling End Table Rolling End Table

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  • Made from solid ash wood – no particle board here!
  • 101 uses--a truly multipurpose piece
  • Arrives fully assembled--just pop in casters
  • Holds a lot in a small footprint

Price: $169.95


An easily portable end table that goes where you need it

This colorful, solid wood table cart arrives fully assembled and ready to roll, with quality and imagination! It’s the perfect roll-it-in/roll-it-out end table and space saver (great for downsizers)—it holds a lot in a small footprint. There are three open shelves with raised edges so nothing slides off.

There is no resemblance to cheap particle board or plastic tables. These are solid ash hardwood construction, with pop-in casters for easy mobility. Vary the use and location from one room to another based on your immediate and changing needs.

These little tables are cheerful, charming and built to last! And we bet you know exactly where in your home you could use yours. When we showed one in a staff meeting, a dozen plans for it quickly popped up, and everyone had a different idea of where they’d put it and how they’d use it. Available in Chestnut, Golden Oak, Sage, Red and Light Blue.

"An art table that I could wheel in for floor play, loaded with my kids’ crayons, paints, stickers and drawing paper."

"A temporary lamp table to roll in when I need light next to that extra chair in the living room."

"Shelf space to sort out my latest photos and clippings, to put them in order for my hobby scrapbooks."

"Great for working puzzles. Just roll it aside until the next time you feel like tackling it."

"A table I can roll tub-side for my book, glasses, shampoo, phone, towel and razor when taking a bath."

"I’d load it with the side dishes, condiments, plasticware and napkins for a cookout and roll it onto the patio—much more convenient than loading up trays."

Just use your imagination--101 uses!

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