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Sleepy Time Lights

Sleepy Time Lights Sleepy Time Lights
Sleepy Time Lights Sleepy Time Lights
Sleepy Time Lights

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Not all night lights are created equal. Yours may be robbing you of a deeper, better sleep.

We hear time and again about the importance of a good night’s sleep for our overall health and wellbeing, yet many continue to struggle with sleeping through the night and getting sufficient rest.

Studies have shown that melatonin, a hormone produced naturally in the body, plays an important role in how long we sleep, how long it takes us to get to sleep, and how much “quality sleep” we get. But exposure to blue wavelengths of light, like that from florescent bulbs, TVs, reading lamps, cellphone screens and computers, can decrease your melatonin production in a matter of minutes. A typical reading lamp before bedtime can reduce melatonin production.

Amber light, as produced by the Sleepy Time Lights, has no negative effect on melatonin production. In fact, Amber LEDs produce light in a narrow band of wavelengths that can help regulate your circadian rhythm (the 24-hour cycle of sleep and wakefulness).

Sleepy Time Lights mimic the amber-wavelength light of candlelight without sacrificing the safety and convenience of modern lighting. Whether you’re getting up briefly in the night or reading before bedtime, these lamps provide the light you need, not the light that keeps you awake.

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