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Focus Daylight Lamp

Focus Daylight Lamp

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  • Very specific focused light
  • Covers 3" to 33" spread
  • Replicates natural daylight

Price: $129.95


Focus this natural daylight lamp when and where you want it!

Wouldn’t it be handy sometimes if you could focus the sun? That’s why you often move your newspaper or book into the direct rays when reading near a window. This little lamp is high intensity LED lighting that simulates natural daylight—it’s much brighter than traditional lamps!

A sliding focus ring intensifies and directs 400 lumens of light (over 10,000 lux, for those who know their illuminance!) exactly where you want it, when you want it. The spread covers 3" to 33", meaning you can illuminate the whole page of a letter with brilliant light, or pinpoint the beam on a very specific target. Even at the highest intensity, there’s little spillover to disturb those nearby. The lamp is rated for 50,000 hours—a single LED could last you a lifetime of bright, crisp, white, sunshiny light.

The Focus Daylight Lamp is well made and attractive, too, with a steel pole on a heavy, sturdy weighted base, and an anodized aluminum shade with nickel finish and gold accent. There’s an easy on/off toggle switch and an adjustable gooseneck.

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