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Big and Bright Emergency LED Light

Big and Bright Emergency LED Light Big and Bright Emergency LED Light

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  • Super-bright Emergency Light
  • 60 LEDs
  • Rechargeable

Price: $39.95


Ever seen an emergency light this bright and easy to use? We hadn’t, either!

What a light! It would be hard to find a brighter emergency light than this one. It provides instant light in abundance when you need it—and you never have to buy a battery. The built-in battery is rechargeable, so it’s always ready. When the power goes off, you have a light that will actually brighten a good-sized room.

When there’s no emergency, you can use it inside a closet, under a cabinet, in a dim stairway, in a garage or workshop—you’ll find it helpful in lots of places. It’s a great makeup light for aging eyes! There are two settings, high and low—and even the low setting delivers incredible illumination. The Big and Bright is compact, lightweight and portable. There’s a carry-handle and a built-in stand. Set it on a table or beside your chair, take it in the car...or mount it on a wall if you wish. Comes with AC charger.

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