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Beale Street Floor Lamp

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  • Stylish swirled glass globe
  • Antique brushed nickel & cherry wood finish
  • Balanced Spectrum® light mimics natural sunlight

Price: $99.95
Was: $119.95

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The perfect Balanced Spectrum® Floor Lamp for every room in your home!

You have your Balanced Spectrum in your den, but your vision needs don’t change as you sit in your living room or lie in bed. These lamps are lovely for any room in your home. They feature an antique brushed nickel and cherry-wood finish, with an ethereally swirled glass globe - both a decorative statement and a practical solution to your room lighting needs.

The Balanced Spectrum light mimics natural sunlight, again meeting the demands of both vision and room ambiance. The arm is adjustable and beautifully counter balanced, allowing you to position and angle the light exactly where you want and need it. It’s lightweight enough to move about easily should you need to do so, but solidly set on a non-tipping base. This is lighting that can reduce eyestrain and enhance color perception. It also adds to the beauty of whatever room it "enlightens."

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