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Balanced Spectrum Desk Lamp

Balanced Spectrum Desk Lamp Balanced Spectrum Desk Lamp

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  • Full spectrum bulb - like sunlight indoors.
  • Reduces eyestrain, fatigue and headaches caused by other lighting types.

Price: $39.95

Due to popularity, the Black Balanced Spectrum Desk Lamp is no longer available.


This Balanced Spectrum® Desk Lamp brings many of the benefits of natural daylight indoors. It provides glare-free lighting that’s perfect for a variety of indoor activities, such as writing, reading, sewing, painting, needlepoint, artwork, studying and much more. It features an 8,000-hour, energy-efficient, 27-watt, compact fluorescent bulb.

Practical--and the perfect size to fit on your desk--the Balanced Spectrum® Desk Lamp actually simulates the spectrum of daylight. Now you can experience outstanding clarity, comfort and ease while working, reading, crafting, scrapbooking, etc. The lamp’s cutting-edge electronics maintain a flicker-free, glare-free lighting environment that reduces eyestrain and fatigue, problems often associated with working in bad lighting.

The desk lamp has an "Instant On" switch for maximum efficiency, and it offers two levels of brightness. The 27-Watt Full Spectrum bulb delivers over 50% more light than most full spectrum lights. In addition, there’s no harsh glare with this lamp. You get steady, even light at the touch of a switch. Plus, even under heavy everyday use, the energy-efficient bulb is designed to last about five times longer than an incandescent bulb, and to be brighter than a 100-watt standard bulb.

The lamp’s modern style, sturdy base and unique shape work well to illuminate even the smallest workspaces. There is also a flexible gooseneck that allows for easy positioning of the light where you need it.

Why not start enjoying the benefits of having natural daylight when and where you need it, 24-7? Your eyes will thank you!

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