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Apollo Balanced Spectrum Ceiling Light

Apollo Balanced Spectrum Ceiling Light Apollo Balanced Spectrum Ceiling Light

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  • Beautiful LED recessed lighting for your home
  • The natural daylight appeal of Balanced Spectrum lighting
  • Never change ceiling light bulbs again!

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Brighter, natural daylight IS better. Now you can have Balanced Spectrum-quality "natural daylight" in kitchen & bath—or any room with recessed ceiling lighting

This attractive canister LED light can replace any existing recessed-style ceiling light with minimal installation. That means that the whole room can enjoy super-bright, cool white light, making everything easier to see as you slice and dice in the kitchen or examine your medicines in the bathroom.

Balanced Spectrum light mimics the sun by combining a high color temperature and a high color rendering. That makes it perfect for work spaces. It helps eliminate shadows and exposes hazards that could result in a fall. One of these canister lights provides 920 lumens of output, the equivalent light output of a single 75-watt incandescent bulb, but only uses 11 Watts of power. They’re also dimmable, with a range from 100% to 7% (works with most dimmers).

You can also stop replacing bulbs in your downlights each year—you should NEVER have to change a light bulb again! These LED lights can last up to 35,000 hours, which is roughly 16 years of normal use, and they only use 11 Watts of power so they’re eco-friendly—not just energy saving but money saving, too.

It’s easy enough to install these yourself—no need to call a handyman. Compatible with 5" to 6" housing. Must have recessed canister lighting to use.

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