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Vegie Fresh

Vegie Fresh

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  • Extends life of fruit and vegetables
  • Vegie Fresh lasts up to 3 months in crisper drawer

Price: $19.95

Buy 2 or more for only $14.95 each!


Extend the life of your fruits and vegetables!

Extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. It’s so disappointing and frustrating to open the fridge to strawberries or broccoli that’s fuzzy and spoiled. Now you can increase the life of your fruits and vegetables by up to 50% with Vegie Fresh -- a 100% mineral mix which absorbs the ethylene gas that spoils produce.

Just place a package of Vegie Fresh in each of your crisper drawers -- it keeps your produce fresh and dry. Vegie Fresh lasts up to three months. (Spread it on your garden when it’s time to replace. The gases it has absorbed make excellent fertilizer.)

This is a useful product for older adults or senior citizens living alone, who may not keep up as well with the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables in their fridge. Vegie Fresh can keep their produce fresher for longer periods of time and help them to eat healthier.

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