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Steaming Microwave Cleaner

Steaming Microwave Cleaner

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  • Quick & easy microwave cleaning
  • No harsh chemical needed
  • Steam burst loosens dirt, removes odors

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Cleans your microwave without chemicals or scrubbing

If you do most of your cooking these days in your microwave, you know how quickly splatters and gunk can build up inside - sometimes as quickly as in one warm-up of leftovers!

This little device is designed to take care of that problem. Just fill container with vinegar and water and microwave on high for no more than 5-8 minutes. A blast of steam will spray from the top of the container, and that concentrated steam does the trick!

It cleans and removes odors without any chemicals or any output that might be unsafe for those with allergies, COPD or asthma—it’s not only safe but environmentally friendly, too.

The steam melts away the gunk so efficiently you need not scrub—just wipe down microwave interior with sponge or dishrag for effortless cleaning. Unit is top-rack dishwasher safe.

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