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Safe-Touch Induction Cooktop

Safe Touch Induction Cooktop Safe Touch Induction Cooktop

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  • A safer, more convenient way to cook
  • Stays cooler than traditional heating elements
  • No open flame, coil or exposed burner

Price: $119.95


A safer and quicker way to cook. (It sends the heat to the pot, not the top of the burner!)

This is the perfect cooker for seniors, downsizers, those with vision problems, those with limited kitchen space and those aging at home -- as well as the rest of us. Induction heating requires no open flame, no coil or exposed burner -- and it stays cooler to the touch than traditional heating elements. That means it reduces fire and burn risk and makes it safer than what you may be using now. Once the heat is off, it’s already safe to a quick touch, and it cools quickly once the pot is removed. And when the pot is removed, it turns itself off!

Induction transfers heat brilliantly to steel and iron-based pots and pans, and it uses less energy than gas or other traditional cooking methods. No wasted heat! There are instant and precise temperature controls -- heats up quickly, too. An induction ready stainless steel pot with glass lid is included. And, best of all for some, it’s easy to clean!

This is a great "cooker" for anyone who wants to feel more secure and safer when cooking. Unit is portable - can be used anywhere (indoors) near a standard outlet.

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