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Mini Barrel

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  • Mini-fuser adds oak-aged flavor to wines and liquor
  • Reuse it again & again
  • Made of handcrafted American Oak

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Personalize your wine or whiskey to your own taste. (Now you can become your own vintner!)

Add oak-aged flavor to an average bottle of wine or whiskey and create a taste to rival that of expensive top-shelf vintage in hours. This handcrafted Oak Bottle is 100% American white oak, a micro-infuser that’s “toasted” inside like traditional barrels, and faster at oak aging than anything else on the market.

Use it to age and flavor wine, whiskey, bourbon and other liquor—and pour straight from the bottle. The process is so fast that bottle contents never fully saturate the charred oak inside, so you can reuse it over and over by simply flushing with water—and use it to experiment with different flavors as well.

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