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Microwave Hot Plate Handle

Microwave Hot Plate Handle

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  • No more burns or broken plates!
  • Carry hot plates the easy way
  • Leverages weight to entire hand, not just fingers

Price: $14.95


Microwaved plates too hot or too heavy to handle? Here’s the solution!

The Microwave Hot Plate Handle uses the power of leverage to lift plates of food so the entire hand takes the weight and not just fingers or wrist. No more burned fingers or broken dishes! Great for those with arthritis or dexterity problems -- or when the plate is too hot to touch.

Attaches to plates of most sizes, holding and releasing them easily. The Cool Handler is light, strong and durable, with a non-slip soft grip. Easy-to-clean design and dishwasher safe!

This is a handy kitchen aid, especially for seniors who may have limited hand dexterity and skin less tolerant of heat.

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