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Ice Sphere Molds

Ice Sphere Molds Ice Sphere Molds

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  • 2.5" sphere of solid cold
  • Long-lasting ice for your drinks
  • Stackable to fit in any freezer

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Slow-melting Ice Spheres quickly cool tea and other drinks without watering down!

Create your own dense, long-lasting ice spheres -- just add water to the silicone mold and freeze. Easy to make, easy to use. Produces a 2.5" ball of ice that releases easily (just hold the mold beneath warm tap water) and fits most glasses.

Do you like to have a glass of water bedside at night? Now your ice will last hours longer and keep your water superbly cold into the wee hours.

You can stack ice molds in the freezer to conserve space -- they won’t leak or tip over -- and they are BPA free. Mold measures 3 1/2" in diameter and is 6" high.

Ice Spheres are a useful gift for seniors and the elderly who may have trouble opening traditional ice trays. Long-lasting ice is also more convenient since it requires less frequent replenishing. Set of two molds.

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