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Ice Cream Maker

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  • Homemade ice cream with modern-day ease
  • Durable electric motor does the churning
  • Makes four quarts

Price: $49.95


This electric ice cream maker provides a homemade ice cream experience but with the ease of modern convenience

Remember the wonderful taste of homemade ice cream, with all the family gathered round? Now this homemade treat is quicker, easier and even better, with this modern-day ice cream maker!

Just fill the aluminum canister with ingredients from your local market, surround the canister with ice and salt, and attach the motor to the top. The durable electric motor does all the churning for you.

In about 20 minutes you have four quarts of delicious ice cream ready for your family to enjoy. You can also make frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet. And the plastic interior makes cleanup a snap. A nice gift for any family!

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