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Hands-Free Faucet

Hands Free Faucet

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  • Touch-free
  • Simple to install and use

Price: $79.95


Make your home faucets hands-free (and germ-free as well)!

This touch-free/drip-free faucet helps prevent the spread of bacteria in one of the most germ-filled areas of the home -- and faucets are among the worst offenders since those who touch them generally do so with dirty hands. Hands-free operation prevents cross-contamination...and also means you have to clean your faucets less frequently.

The Hands-Free Faucet is simple and convenient to use -- especially for the elderly who may have dexterity issues and for individuals with arthritis, since there are no faucet knobs to turn. Simply run your hands under the faucet and it turns on automatically.

It works on an infrared sensor, or you can use the manual on/off button control option. Water stops flowing after one minute when an object is kept in the sensor area (automatic turnoff conserves water). The built-in manual override feature allows for continuous flow of water for three minutes.

Fits both kitchen and bathroom sink faucets with an easy two-step installation -- you can turn your existing faucet into an automatic faucet in just five minutes. Side-mount design provides working sink space.

Package includes Hands-Free Faucet adapter, one hexnut wrench, one rubber washer and a Quick Installation Guide. Requires four "AAA" batteries (not included).

Item #: 04267

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