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Easy Ice Cream Scoop

Easy Ice Cream Scoop

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  • Quick and easy scooping action
  • Self-heating scooping edges
  • Heat transfers from handle to edges

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Scooping hard-frozen ice cream is now easy as pie!

You’re all ready to serve dessert, but the ice cream is hard as a brick. You need this amazing scoop with a heat-conducting ring around the outer edge. When it comes in contact with cold, the ring heats up and cuts through ice cream like butter, even when rock hard and straight from the freezer.

No electricity or battery -- heat simply transfers from handle to edge, and energy reservoir absorbs cold. There are no moving parts to wear out, no more bent spoons, no long wait for softening, no squeezing or hot water dipping. Non-sticking surface means ice cream won’t cling to scoop either.

This scoop is senior friendly, since scooping gets harder as you lose dexterity and hand strength. Great for arthritic fingers, too! Nice big handle and non-slip grip.

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