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Dual Blade Package Opener

Dual Blade Opener Dual Blade Opener
Dual Blade Opener Dual Blade Opener
Dual Blade Opener Dual Blade Opener
Dual Blade Opener Dual Blade Opener
Dual Blade Opener

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This Dual Blade Opener is a unique hand-held tool specifically designed to safely and easily open clamshell and other plastic packaging. It helps you get into those tricky packages with ease and helps keep you from hurting yourself in the process. There are two blades, one a piercing blade that extends when you slide a retractable button, and the other an inner blade that easily slits all around the desired packaging once it’s been pierced. To open a plastic package then, you just push and slide to get inside.

Unlike typical box cutters that are small and hard to handle, this cutter has a great shape and size that is easy and safe to grasp. It is also made of rugged durable plastic, and its recessed and retractable blades are safe for use and storage.

The dual blade system makes opening tough packages a breeze. The first blade is a piercing edge, and the second is a sliding blade. Here are the three basic steps to opening packages. First, simply slide the retractable button (right-handed) forward to produce the piercing blade, and push down to pierce the plastic. Then pull the exposed blade back to create a one-inch slit in the packaging. Next, insert the front tip into the slit and push forward to cut around the package. With this opener you’ll have no problems opening FedEx envelopes and boxes, cereal bags, video cassette wrappers, detergent boxes, pet food bags, pill containers, padded envelopes, Jiffy packs, snack pouches and more!

Now you can stop worrying that you are going to injure your hands or fingers every time you try to use a knife or scissors to open these heretofore "impossible-to-open" packages. Just use the Dual Blade opener instead.

*Keep out of reach of children.

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