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Cut-Protect Kitchen Gloves

Cut Protect Kitchen Gloves Cut Protect Kitchen Gloves

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  • Help protect your hands from cuts
  • Cut-resistant gloves make the kitchen safer
  • Super comfortable

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Don’t cut, slice, pare, chop or peel one more thing without these protective gloves

These durable kitchen gloves are indispensable when it comes to helping to protect your fingers and hands when cutting meats, chopping veggies, opening cans or simply pushing down the trash.

They provide an effective barrier against a variety of blades, knives, glass and other metal objects with sharp edges.

You’ll be amazed at how often you’ll slip them on during the average day, whether picking up broken glass or peeling a peach. So many of us take blood thinners these days that even a small cut in the kitchen is not a small matter!

And here’s the big surprise: they’re super comfortable to wear, with a breathable knit fabric that’s flexible and machine washable. You get protection along with touch sensitivity and maximum grip. Stretch-to-fit design!

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